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Pippen Front - Interceptor

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

This is one of the most advanced techniques in the post and another one named after an all-time great. "The Pippen Front" is a concept that contradicts many of post defense priorities. But can be used effectively to intercept post entry passes against more physical and power bigs vs a more agile defender.

Instead of soliciting contact, this move requires the avoidance of it. Almost like being a ghost defender in the low post. The benefit to avoiding physicality is that it prevents the defender from being sealed at any point. It also invites the post player deeper and deeper into their positioning, increasing the distance of the entry pass.

Without a focus on battling, the defender can better read and anticipate the timing of a post entry pass. To execute this technique, the defensive player must jump to the side of the post player immediately before the pass. Swinging their back foot to the level of the post player, almost like a reverse swim move.

This allows the defender a clear path to jump laterally in front of the post player to intercept the entry pass. The technique will require great timing and anticipation, but with the lack of physicality, it leaves the advantage of speed and quickness in the defender’s arsenal. Do not discount the ability of your agile defenders to pick up and use this technique effectively. You’ll be surprised at how effective it is and how disorienting the lack of contact is for a post player.

Ultimately, intercepting techniques should be used as a second line of defense for a post defender. The first line is the physical battle for position that favors the defender. The interceptor techniques help to flip the advantage against an overpowering post player. No post player can score without the ball.

See you next time.

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