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Secrets of the Pippen Front: Post Defense Steals

Pippen Post Defense
Scottie Pippen

Undersized players need to be active in post defense. Sometimes battling and fronting just isn't enough. Pippen was the all time best at this little know and rarely used technique. It played a crucial role in disrupting opponents' scoring opportunities and allowed him to matchup against some of the leauges best post players. In this blog post, we will explore the Pippen Front technique and its effectiveness in causing steals in post defense. Let's dive in!

The Essence of the Pippen Front:

  • Contradicting most post defense priorities I talk about, the Pippen Front emphasizes avoiding physicality instead of seeking it.

  • By evading physical battles, defenders prevent being sealed off by bigger and stronger players while also inviting post players deeper into their positioning.

  • This deeper position might seem contradictory, but the increase in distance between the passer and the post player makes timing the entry passes more feasible.

Pippen Post Defense

The Technique:

  • Without the distraction of physicality, and instead the activity of freedom, defenders can better read and anticipate the timing of post entry passes.

  • Executing the Pippen Front involves jumping to the side of the post player just before the pass. Note, a defender using this technique should be constantly moving from one side to the other of the post player to disrupt post entry options.

  • This side positioning grants the defender a clear path to jump in front of the post player, intercepting the pass in mid-flight.

Pippen Post Defense steals

Anticipation and Effectiveness:

  • The Pippen Front technique requires exceptional timing and anticipation skills.

  • Despite the absence of physicality, the lack of contact can sometimes disorient post players as they seek for contact.

  • Agile defenders with speed and quickness can flip the advantage and make it more dangerous to throw that post entry pass.

Second Line of Defense:

  • The Pippen Front serves as a valuable second line of defense for post defenders.

  • Initially, defenders engage in a physical battle to establish position, using the Jam technique to prevent post player from getting to their initial spot.

  • However, interceptor techniques like the Pippen Front help level the playing field against overpowering post players after they have secured their post spot.

The Pippen Front serves as a valuable addition to a defender's arsenal, providing an effective second line of defense. By focusing on activity, anticipation, and evasion defenders stand a chance to disrupt post entry passes and disorient post players. This is by far one of the more advanced post defense techniques I teach, but when paired with an athletic and smart defender, it can be a game changer. Remember, no post player can score without the ball.

lockdown defense post defense

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