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The Lockdown Ladder 2.0 - Footwork Training

About a year ago, I introduced the Lockdown Ladder into the basketball community. The first device focused on developing elite defenders. Being a huge believer in footwork as the bedrock of defensive skill, I wanted to find something that offered consistency, ease of use and instant credibility. And after focusing years on studying different defensive footwork and watching how the best of the best train, as well as testing my own drills, I finally found the perfect fit - The Lockdown Ladder.

Designed to teach various footwork mechanics; from the fundamental basics to the most advanced defensive movements. Paired with the Ladder is an instructional video detailing my 8 favorite drills for developing defensive footwork, plus 2 bonus drills. Not only do these drills introduce Lockdown footwork, several of the drills also correct movement deficiencies found in many athletes: loading mechanics, weight distribution, force generation and change of direction in-balances.

When I launched the Ladder and training video last May, I didn’t expect the huge demand. We sold out in 2 weeks. I was very proud of the responses and outreach.

"I think this is a monumental pivot in the thought process for coaches training defensive footwork. It provides instant feedback, correction, and improvement, and that makes this stuff gold! Overall, these drills afford opportunities for so much growth and skill development, no matter the age, level, or skill-level of the athlete. This stuff is absolute gold and definitely something that will be in our defensive program for YEARS to come!" - Stu Armstrong : Denison University

Looking back over a year ago, I glad to say all of these drills are still very much in my teaching repertoire and used extensively with various athletes. But I’ve also added some key drills to my teaching and made a huge adaptation to the Lockdown Ladder…

The first multiple training device for defensive skill work. Not only does it incorporate the Lockdown Ladder specifications but it can also adapt to be used as a mini Hurdle. Mini Hurdles are extremely useful in training explosive plyometric movements. As we know, explosiveness and speed are a huge part of defensive excellence.

In the past resistance bands were a necessary addition to the Lockdown Ladder to progress training, but the hurdles now allow you to produce explosive training in several movements without any other equipment. I use these mini hurdles specifically to train - The Cushion Slide, The Cross Step plus several foot replacement and balance exercises.

Plus this time with your purchase of the ladder or video, you will get access to a shared folder where I can update any new drills or adaptions I’ve been incorporating into my training.

To purchase your Lockdown Ladder 2.0 go to

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out -

See you next time!

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